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Committed to delivering powerful propulsion through tough currents, these long blade fins are for expert divers that know exactly how stiff they like their fins.


Velox Fin

Balanced blade and comfortable foot pocket Vented for more efficient propulsion Open toe box for quick draining Broad size range Size 3XS and 2XS are for children


Safari Ultra-Light fin

IST Safari Ultra-Light fin brings the most comfortable, handily moreover with powerful thrust performance. Designs in one piece injection, prevent breakable connection on blade or foodpocket. Using the particular combine formula TPR, brings the most powerful thrust with just a slightly force. XS/S size in different stiffness is considering for easier and more comfortable with […]


Mares X-One

The main features that make this fin very comfortable and easy to handle are: – Shoe snorkel fin – Perforated open heel that guarantees a quick elimination of excess water and avoids the parachute effect – Adjustment of the fin with strap but without buckles – Short and light blade that allows the fins to […]


GULL MEW (trustable

Traditional all-natural rubber fins are always trustable choices for professional divers and snorkelers. Easily used by anyone, Mew Fins are the best-choice standard full-foot fins for scuba diving, skin diving and snorkeling. Gull Mew full foot fins: From the company that is known as the King of rubber fins in Japan, comes the Mew full foot fins. With its […]


Gull Coco Fins

This fin is for lady’s use (men’s use is also possible). Gull Japan Coco fin can catch water firmly by bending central blade area while down kicking . The fins have epoch-making jet hole , and the entrance is wide . Water is caught and funneled into the jet hole, or funnel, running down the […]



OPEN HEEL SNORKELLING FINS Comfortable foot pocket Recommended to be worn with boots or neoprene socks The blades are vented to guide water more efficiently