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Vader Mask UV420

Gull Vader Mask UV420AR is 100% made in Japan, and available in many colours to suit both male and female divers.  As the mask does not have a mask bridge. It offers a great vision for all divers. The mask is made tilting 10 degrees downwards, thus offering you a wider underwater view. 100 degrees of upwards […]


VADER Fanette –

Unlike the Gull Vader Masks, The VADER Fanette uses a new type of lip line silicone to prevent flooding when using a regulator for ladies. The soft silicone also has the ability to seal high cheekbones faces, and also other uneven facial creases especially around the nose area. Gull produced the Vader Fanette for ladies who […]



Built with supple silicone that provides a comfortable fit over extended periods and a watertight seal on virtually all face shapes, the single-lens Steel Pro offers some of the best field of view on record, and the buckle and strap systems are easy to adjust. Whether you free dive or scuba dive, this mask is […]


MP110 Frameless Diving

IST MP110 Frameless Diving Mask is one of the best Single-len mask we recommend, fit your big-size face comfortably, but not recommend for men with bushy mustache. The IST MP110 is a premium-quality frameless mask that provides exceptional performance in one simple, lightweight design. Instead of a structured frame, the mask features a shatterproof tempered […]


Kid Single Mask

  Generous single lens in a mask sized for kids Durable, high impact plastic frame with color accents Tempered glass, scratch-resistant lens for clarity and safety Skirt and easy-adjust strap in hypoallergenic silicone for great fit, realible, seal and comfort Swiveling, quick release buckles make the mask easy for kids to adjust, put on and […]


Coco (Stylist Mask

This UV proecting single-lens mask is especially designed for female skin and scuba divers. Incorporating a comfortable leakless skirt system that ensures a proper fit with outstanding look and feel. Curled Skirt Lip with Integrated Strap The skirt’s all-in-one design ensures firm but gentle contact with the face. Pulling on the strap keeps a tight […]