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Prescription Mask for Snorkeling & Diving in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Phu Quoc Dive Shop or Phu Quoc Dive & Snorkel Gear Shop is a diving & snorkeling equipment supplier based in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, we distribute high-quality diving & snorkeling masks, snorkel, fins, and rashguards from various famous brands of IST, Gull, Mares, Scuba Pro, Waterpro….

In this post, Phu Quoc Dive Shop is pleasured to introduce one of our favorite masks: a prescription low-volume mask for nearsighted divers and snorkelers.

Short-sighted is a problem for divers and snorkelers as their vision in the water will be limited, if you are slightly nearsighted (less than minus 3 or minus 4) or only have very minor vision impairment, you may not need to wear contacts or a prescription scuba mask to dive or snorkel but if it is

The best option is to purchase a prescription snorkeling mask instead of wearing a contact lens as the water can take your lens away or water stick on your lens.

Phu Quoc Dive Shop is pleasured to introduce to you one of our best-seller prescription snorkeling & diving masks: a Tank Mask with advanced features:

  • Low volume
  • Aluminium frame
  • Easy-defog tempered glass handled by OnBird Phu Quoc
  • Size Width 10 cm. Length 18 cm. Heigth10 cm.
  • The non-slip strap and easy-adjust buckles let you dial in the perfect fit.
  • Changeable Prescription lens (-2 diopter to – 9 diopter)

Prescription Low Volume Mask


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