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VADER Fanette – UV420 AR


Unlike the Gull Vader Masks, The VADER Fanette uses a new type of lip line silicone to prevent flooding when using a regulator for ladies. The soft silicone also has the ability to seal high cheekbones faces, and also other uneven facial creases especially around the nose area.

Gull produced the Vader Fanette for ladies who feedback that the regular Gull Vader Mask had slightly thick silicone, and also the bigger volume when used on their smaller faces. The Gull Vader Fanette is also for females who find the Gull Coco/Naida Mask slightly small for them, with the slight restriction of pinching their nose during equalisation. The Gull Vader Fanette is the absolute answer for these females divers.Photographers can select the SUPER CLEAR version, so that it does not distorts white balancing. Females and underwater models told us that they prefer the SUPER CLEAR version, so that their beautiful faces can be seen on the photographs.

Vader Fanette definitely feels lighter than the regular Gull Vader Mask, thinner silicone for excellent sealing, smaller in volume, with an orange pinkish front coating, with the regular amber rear coating for light and colour amplification.

The UV420 CUT lens has a function of cutting HEV (400 to 420 nm), and is also the latest lens technology that Gull uses on the Vader Fanette. Orange colour has the ability to increase visibility, and sharpening the contrast of objects, whereas amber increases visibility of things by making it brighter. UV 400 Amber only has the effect of showing good contrast of objects, when compared to UV 420 CUT.

This UV Mask is available at our shop (map) in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

  • Skirt with Curled Lip and Integrated Strap Clip
  • UV420 CUT AR Amber Lens
  • Super Clear Lens
  • DX Spec Mask Buckle
  • Soft Damper
  • Drain Skirt
  • Leakless System
  • Low Volume


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VADER FANETTE - UV420 AR in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

VADER Fanette – UV420 AR