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Buy Snorkeling & Diving gears in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

Being a professional snorkeling & diving operator based in Phu Quoc Island, we provide guests with very high quality and qualified gears in our snorkeling & diving trip to bring guests the best experiences and the most comfortable feeling of using strangle equipment.

Our high quality snorkeling & diving gears are suitable for either kids and adults, either novices and advanced skilled guests.

At Phu Quoc Dive Shop, many guests are able to test the usefulness of the gears during their snorkeling trips with us. They are introduced the hands-on techniques before snorkeling by our professional underwater guides before snorkeling.

Guests love them and definitely keen on exploring deeper in snorkeling in their next destinations and they come up with the idea to own their unique gears. No where they should seek high quality gears rather then asking OnBird team.

Read more reviews of our previous guests to know how they feedback about our equipment.

Visit our shop at here to get advanced consultant on equipment and trick when using snorkeling & diving gears, especially mask and snorkel.

Why your mask keep steamed up when snorkeling? We share you tricks to solve the problem besides that we provide anti-fog mask.

High-quality Diving and Snorkeling Fins for Safe and Enjoyable Water Adventures

Phu Quoc Dive Shop (operated by OnBird Phu Quoc) is the authorized snorkeling & diving equipment supplier in Phu Quoc Island for brands IST, GULL and Mares we provides high quality snorkeling equipments such as anti-fog mask, snorkel with stable mouthpice for light breathing. Phu Quoc Dive Shop is the only diving & snorkeling shop in Phu Quoc where you can find high quality diving & snorkeling equipments (anti-fog mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit…).

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