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A next-generation mask that both novice and expert divers can enjoy with a peace of mind.

LANZE is an ultra lightweight, high field of view mask incorporating a newly engineered interlocking frame system that provides an extra level of safety. This system ensures lenses stay intact even if the frame were to take heavy damage during a dive.

The double layer structure prevents the glass from coming off even in the event of a sudden situation. Previously known as the “inner ring structure” has been securing the glass with the inner ring alone. However, “LANZE” uses a double-layer construction system that holds the inner ring with the center part and secures the center part with the frame and screws (interlocking system RAT.P). Therefore, the glass is not easy to fall off even in the event of an emergency, and this safety design is attracted to the attention of divers. We’ve repeatedly tested and improved the safety of the inner ring, center parts, and screw fastening. LANZE is difficult for water to enter in. The secret is it! Dear Divers have ever experienced “laughing in water and getting water into the mask” or “When you put the mouthpiece there was a gap in the skirt part”. This way, the most easy to get water into the mask is around the mouth and nose. The “LANZE” “LEAKLESS SYSTEM” is the “LANZE” that fits the muscles of your facial muscles and the smoothest lines.

  • Curled Lip
  • Accepts Optical DX Spec Mask Buckle
  • Strap Clip Integrated with Skirt
  • Interlock System
  • Leakless System
  • UV Care Lens

Volume: 115cc *Weight: 215g

A low-volume design that further enhances the width of the left, right, up, and down fields of view, ensuring an exceptionally wide field of view even among GULL’s masks. Ideal for skin diving, free diving as well as diving.

Newly adopted UV care lens; Equipped with UV protection and is gentle on the skin and eyes; Frame size: 6.4 x 2.9 inches (162 x 74 mm); Skirt size: 5.0 x 4.5 inches (128 x 113 mm); Weight: 7.5 oz (215 g); Contents: 4.5 fl oz (115 cc); Uses leak-free system; GM-1272 cc; GM-1272 g).


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Lanze UV 50: A next-generation mask that both novice and expert divers can enjoy with a peace of mind.