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Gull Canal Stable: The best Snorkel for Snorkeling & Free-diving

High-quality soft-silicone snorkel for snorkeling and free-diving in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

If you are looking for the kind of best snorkel for snorkeling so Phu Quoc Dive & Snorkel Gear Shop please introduce our favorite snorkel to you.

Gull Canal Stable effortlessly stabilizes itself against tough currents. It is a lightweight, ergonomically engineered snorkel for both skin and scuba diving. With a name derived from its streamlined tube engineered to reduce vibrations and discomfort.


Stabilizer Pipe

Streamlined tube reduces vibration and discomfort from tube shift.


Specially Designed Mouthpiece

To better fit the upper and lower profiles of the teeth, the grips are vertically asymmetrical. There are also two sizes, one more suitable for men and the other for women. For most users, fatigue does not build up. Even after using the Canal for hours, still comfortable, you will hardly notice that your mouth has been gripping the mouthpiece.


One Touch Clip

It is easy to attach and detach the snorkel: just squeeze either side of the clip that attaches to the mask strap. *To take advantage of DX mask strap functions, only attach using the most outward mask strap.

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