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• Comfortable twin lens mask with a skirt that is able to accept a great range of facial profiles. • Hypoallergenic mask skirt and strap. • Swivel buckles add to comfort while wearing.


Tank Mask –

Mặt nạ lặn & lặn tự do chuyên nghiệp Âm lượng nhỏ Khung nhôm Kính cường lực chống sương mù Kích thước Chiều rộng 10 cm. Chiều dài 18 cm. Chiều cao10 cm. Dây đeo chống trượt và khóa dễ điều chỉnh cho phép bạn quay số vừa vặn hoàn hảo.


M55 Corona

Corona has been one of the most popular IST masks and its superior fitting and comfort are the reasons behind the success. Its swivel buckle allows the diver to adjust the mask to the most desirable position. The low internal volume gives unrestricted view.   ● Optical lenses for M55 CORONA masks are available in […]


Hunter (Low-volume Mask)

Extremely low volume design Swivel and easy-adjust buckles. Ideal for hunters and photographers. The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal. Perfect as a spearfishing, free diving or back-up mask as it folds and fits easily in your BCD pocket. Tempered glass for safety and durability. Non-polish finished mask skirt prevents from reflecting […]



A next-generation mask that both novice and expert divers can enjoy with a peace of mind. LANZE is an ultra lightweight, high field of view mask incorporating a newly engineered interlocking frame system that provides an extra level of safety. This system ensures lenses stay intact even if the frame were to take heavy damage […]